The University Package

Bailey Web & Digital's University Package includes almost everything you need to use Orckestra C1 CMS Foundation within your educational institution. It has been designed to work for Further Education (FE) colleges, Higher Education (HE) institutions, and Universities.

The software is not yet ready to deploy, but you can follow my progress building it on my blog.

Business Case

Enterprise-grade Content Management Systems (CMS) are expensive. In an era of ever increasing pressure on finances and organisational change, the open-source software movement can bring significant cost savings. However, when considering a new CMS, a paid support solution is important. One system identified as being value-for-money in this regard is the Orckestra C1 CMS. While the core software is open source, licensed under the Mozilla Public License (Version 1.1), Orckestra offers a range of annual support plans at substantially lower cost than the market leaders.

Moving large institutional websites to a new CMS is a time-consuming and costly process that begins with customising the software to accept data tailored to the institution. However, cost savings after implementation can be substantial. Finding a way to reduce the development time and expense of the initial migration process would aid those institutions seeking an alternative solution to their current system.

This project aims to create a set of core datatypes, functions and templates that an institution can use to build their website upon within the Orckestra C1 CMS.

Licence and Support

This work is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. It is free to use if your institution does not charge for the courses it offers. For example, if your institution's students attend courses that are paid for by central or local government, then your institution doesn't need to pay. If, however, your institution charges an admission fee or course fee for either domestic or international students, your institution will have to pay a licence fee.

Creative Commons Licence

Some functionality is based upon pre-existing CSS / JavaScript / JQuery libraries. These are listed under Dependencies, along with their licences.

Support is available from the author on a day rate. I am also available to assist with design, installation and training. You can contact me at:


Using the University Package


The developer would like to thank the following people for their expertise, technical assistance and advice:

... as well as the contributors on StackOverflow and JISCmail's Website Info Management list.