Global Datatypes

There are the global datatypes for storing structure linked data:

Datatype: Description: Datatype done? Form done? Documentation done?
BaileyWeb.Country Countries list. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.CountryDemo Usage demo for the Country Package. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.Honorifics Honorifics list. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.HonorificsDemo Usage demo for the Honorifics Package. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.AcademicDepartments List of academic departments. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.AcademicYear List of academic years, with options to enable and disable year views. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.ApplicationMethod Methods to apply for courses. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.AwardModes The modes of award. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Awards The types of awards granted. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.CampaignTypes The types of campaigns. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.CourseFeeBandCosts The cost of each course fee band. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.CourseFeeBands The course fee bands. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Currencies The fee cost currencies. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.EducationLevels The levels of education awards granted. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.EntryProfileQualifications The qualifications that make up an entry profile. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.GroupTypes The types of groups. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.KISWidgetLanguages Stores the language parameter options for the KIS Widget. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.KISWidgetOrientation Stores the orientation parameter options for the KIS Widget. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.KISWidgetStudyModes Stores the study modes parameter options for the KIS Widget. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.ModuleFeeBandCosts The cost of each module fee band. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.ModuleFeeBands The module fee bands. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.ModuleTypes The types of modules available. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Organisation The top-level organisation information. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.PartnerTypes The types of partner organisations. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.ProjectStatus The status levels of projects. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.QualificationTypes The list of qualifications types used for entry profile qualifications. Yes N/A Yes

Updated: 01 August 2021