Page Datafolders

There are the page datafolders for storing structure linked data, which will make up most of the public facing pages in your institution's website:

Datatype: Description: Datatype done? Form done? Documentation done?
BaileyWeb.University.Buildings Information about buildings and venues. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Campaigns Encourage engagement with your institution, or to raise awareness about activities and causes. Yes No Yes
BaileyWeb.University.CaseStudies Stories about research and students' experience at your institution. Yes No Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Collections All the information on important topics, collected in one place. Yes No Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Courses Course metadata. Course are made up of one or two subjects. Yes No Yes
BaileyWeb.University.EntryProfiles Lists programme entry profiles, made up of multiple qualifications. Yes No Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Events Activities at your institution, from conferences and public lectures, to sport and cultural events. Yes No Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Groups They are centres, committees, services, professional departments and administrative bodies within the institution. Yes No Yes
BaileyWeb.University.LanguageRequirements The language requirements for entry profiles. Yes No Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Locations Information about campuses. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.MainNavigation Pages to include in the website's main navigation. Yes No Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Modules The individual components of a subject. Yes No Yes
BaileyWeb.University.News The latest news and updates from your institution. Yes No Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Partners All partner organisations with links to the institution. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.People Contact information and role details for your institution's employees. Yes No Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Projects Ongoing activities at your institution, from research projects to campus improvements. Yes No Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Publications Documents to download. Yes N/A Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Subjects Information about each subject. Subjects may contain multiple modules. Yes No Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Teams All departmental teams at your institution. Teams contain multiple people. Yes No Yes

Updated: 01 August 2021