Page Datafolder: BaileyWeb.University.Events

The Page Datafolder named BaileyWeb.University.Events, displayed as University Events, is used to store activities at your institution, from conferences and public lectures, to sport and cultural events. Please refer to the Data Model page for information about its relation to other datatypes.

Data Structure

Field: Label: Help: Type: Default: Optional? Widget: Validation: Order: Group:
Id Random String (8 Characters) Key
Title Title* The title for the event article. String (128) No Text Box None Ascending2
Teaser Teaser* A short teaser to entice viewers to read the event article. String (1024) No Text Area None
Body Body The main body text of the event article. XHTML N/A Visual XHTML Editor None
StartDate Start date* The date and time the event starts. Date (Year/Month/Date) AddDays(1) No Date Time Selector None Descending1 Group1
EndDate End date (optional) The date and time the event ends. Date (Year/Month/Date) AddDays(2) Yes Date Time Selector None
Building Building The building or venue location for the event. Data Reference (Buildings) Yes Optional Selector (ListBuildingsAsDictionary) None
Display Display? Display this event on the website (Tick for yes)? Boolean True N/A Check Box None


  • Has caching? No
  • Has publishing? Yes
  • Localised? No
  • Data URL: ~/event({StartDate}/{Id})


The Title field is limited to 128 characters, so that it can be used for Data URLs.

The Display field is used to determine if the event appears in lists. If set to False, it is hidden in lists, but will remain visible at its Data URL.

Updated: 31 December 2021