There are five types of functions used by the University Package:

Whenever possible, for each function page, we try to show either some sample output or actual output. If the output of a function comes from another function or method, this will be indicated with [...] or [... method() ...].

Naming Convention

The following method naming convention is used across all functions:

  • ListSomething() - Gets a list of records from a datatype.
  • GetSomething() - Gets a single record from a datatype.
  • AddSomething() - Adds a single record from a datatype to a ListSomething() or GetSomething(). Normally a private method.
  • SearchSomething() - Searches though a ListSomething() for specified parameter values.
  • ShowSomething() - Outputs a record as XHTML from a ListSomething(), a GetSomething(), or a SearchSomething().

Functions, sometimes in combination, are used to generate one of these page types:

  • List Pages - A page containing a list of multiple records in a Datatype. These often link to individual Record Pages.
  • Record Pages - A page displaying a single Datatype record, usually from a Page Datafolder.


All functions that output XHTML are un-styled, allowing you to add your own CSS stylesheets. They do however contain some Bootstrap classes, which you may decide to remove.


The functions use Localisation Resources where necessary to provide appropriate text strings for supported website languages.

Updated: 02 January 2022