Inline C# Function: BaileyWeb.University.Data.GetModuleFeeBandsById

The Inline C# Function named GetModuleFeeBandsById retrieves combined data from multiple sources for an individual module fee band.


The following files are supplied with the University Package:

  • ~/App_Data/Composite/InlineCSharpFunctions/BaileyWeb.University.Data.GetModuleFeeBandsById.cs


There is 1 parameter:

Parameter: Label: Help: Type: Default: Widget:
ModuleFeeBandId Module Fee Band ID Select the module fee band to compile data for. GUID   Text Box

Function Markup


Sub Functions

This function relies upon the following sub functions for data:

Text Strings


Sample Output Code

  [... GetModuleFeeBandsFromModuleFeeBandsCSV(string ModuleFeeBandsCSV) ...]
  <Compiled DateTime="25/06/2021 15:33:56" />

Updated: 27 June 2021