Inline C# Function: BaileyWeb.University.Pages.ShowPageContent

The Inline C# Function named ShowPageContent takes XHTML content from one page and displays it on another. The CMS rendering engine will merge this into the containing page.


The following files are supplied with the University Package:

  • ~/App_Data/Composite/InlineCSharpFunctions/BaileyWeb.University.Pages.ShowPageContent.cs


There are 2 parameters:

Parameter: Label: Help: Type: Default: Widget:
Page Page Select the page to take content from. Data Reference (C1 Page) Page Selector
Placeholder Placeholder Select the page placeholder to take content from. The default value is "content". String (Unlimited) content Text Box

Function Markup

<f:function name="BaileyWeb.University.Pages.ShowPageContent" xmlns:f="">
	<f:param name="Page" value="00000000-0000-0000-0000-0000000000" />
	<f:param name="Placeholder" value="content" />

Sub Functions


Text Strings


Sample Output Code

<html xmlns="">
		<p>Hello world!</p>

Updated: 27 June 2021