Razor Functions

Razor functions are used to enable Data URL Routing via the RoutedData<DataType> type, with actual display of data handled by XSLT Functions within the Razor function (See: Execute Other Functions).

These are the Razor functions used by the University Package:

Function: Description: Function done? Documentation done?
BaileyWeb.University.Campaigns.ShowCampaigns Enables routing for campaigns. No No
BaileyWeb.University.CaseStudies.ShowCaseStudies Enables routing for case studies. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Collections.ShowCollections Enables routing for collections. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Courses.ShowCourses Enables routing for courses. Yes Yes
BaileyWeb.University.EntryProfiles.ShowEntryProfiles Enables routing for entry profiles. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Events.ShowEvents Enables routing for events. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Groups.ShowGroupsAndTeams Enables routing for both groups and teams. No No
BaileyWeb.University.LanguageRequirements.ShowLanguageRequirements Enables routing for language requirements. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Locations.ShowLocationsAndBuildings Enables routing for both locations and buildings. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Modules.ShowModules Enables routing for modules. Yes Yes
BaileyWeb.University.News.ShowNews Enables routing for news. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Partners.ShowPartners Enables routing for partners. No No
BaileyWeb.University.People.ShowPeople Enables routing for people. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Projects.ShowProjects Enables routing for projects. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Publications.ShowPublications Enables routing for publications. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Subjects.ShowSubjects Enables routing for subjects. Yes Yes

Updated: 01 August 2021