XSLT Function: BaileyWeb.Honorifics.ShowAllHonorificsTable

The XSLT Function named ShowAllHonorificsTable produces a table showing all honorifics.


The following files are supplied with the University Package:

  • ~/App_Data/Xslt/BaileyWeb/Honorifics/ShowAllHonorificsTable.cshtml



Function Markup

<f:function name="BaileyWeb.Honorifics.ShowAllHonorificsTable" xmlns:f="http://www.composite.net/ns/function/1.0" />

Sub Functions


Text Strings

This function uses the following localisation resources:

Sample Output

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
        <div class="table-responsive">
            <table class="table table-hover" summary="List of honorifics and associated information">
                        <th>Honorific title</th>
                        <td class="success">Yes</td>

Actual Output

Honorific title Abbreviation Display?
Admiral Adm No
Air Chief Marshal Air Chf Mshl No
Air Commodore Air Cdre No
Air Marshal Air Mshl No
Air Vice-Marshal AVM No
Aircraftman AC No
Aircraftwoman ACW No
Archbishop HG No
Archdruid No
Archduchess No
Archduke No
Bard No
Baron Br No
Baroness No
Baronet Bt No
Baronetess Btss No
Bishop Most Revd No
Brigadier Brig No
Brigadier General Brig Gen No
Brother Br No
Canon Cn No
Captain Cpt No
Chief Petty Officer CPO No
Colonel Col No
Commandant Cmdt No
Commander Cmd No
Commodore Cdre No
Corporal Cp No
Councillor Cllr No
Counselor No
Count No
Countess No
Dame Dm No
Deacon No
Doctor Dr Yes
Druid No
Druidess No
Duchess No
Duke No
Earl No
Ecumenical Patriarch HAH No
Elder No
Ensign En No
Father Fr Yes
Field Marshal FM No
First Lieutenant 1st Lt No
Flight Cadet No
Flight Lieutenant Flt Lt No
Flying Officer Fg Off No
General Gen No
Grand Duchess No
Grand Duke No
Grand Prince No
Grand Princess No
Group Captain GCpt No
Guru No
Hadrat No
Her Honour HH No
Her Majesty HM No
High Priest No
High Priestess No
His Eminence HE No
His Excellency HE No
His Honour HR No
His Majesty HM No
His Most Eminent Highness HMEH No
Imam No
Knight Sir No
Lady No
Lama No
Leading Seaman LS No
Lieutenant Lt No
Lieutenant Colonel Lt Col No
Lieutenant Commander Lt Cdr No
Lieutenant General Lt Gen No
Lord No
Major Maj No
Major General Maj Gen No
Marchioness No
Marquess No
Marshal Mar No
Master No
Midshipman No
Mister Mr Yes
Mistress Ms Yes
Monk Fr No
Mother Mtr No
Novice Sr No
Nun Mtr No
Officer Cadet No
Other - Gender Neutral Mx Yes
Ovate No
Pastor Pr No
Patriarch HB No
Petty Officer PO No
Pilot Officer Plt Off No
President No
Priest No
Priestess No
Prince HRH No
Princess HRH No
Private No
Professor Prof Yes
Rabbi No
Rassophore Monk Fr No
Rassophore Nun Sr No
Rear Admiral RAdm No
Reverend Revd No
Schemamonk Fr No
Seaman No
Second Lieutenant 2nd Lt No
Sergeant Sgt No
Sergeant Major Sgt Maj No
Sheikh No
Sister Sr No
Squadron Leader Sqn Ldr No
Stavrophore Monk Fr No
Sub-Lieutenant Sub Lt No
The Holy Father HH No
The Most Reverend Most Revd No
The Most Reverend Archbishop HE No
The Most Reverend Bishop Most Revd No
The Most Reverend Doctor Most Revd Dr No
The Most Reverend Metropolitan HE No
The Most Reverend Professor Most Revd Prof No
The Reverend Revd No
The Reverend Archdeacon Deacon Fr No
The Reverend Canon Revd Cn No
The Reverend Doctor Revd Dr No
The Reverend Father Deacon No
The Reverend Hierodeacon Fr No
The Reverend Hieromonk Fr No
The Reverend Mister Fr No
The Reverend Mother Revd Mtr No
The Reverend Mother Superior Revd Mtr No
The Reverend Professor Revd Prof No
The Reverend Protodeacon Deacon Fr No
The Right Honourable Rt Hon No
The Right Honourable Lady Rt Hon Lady No
The Right Honourable Lord Rt Hon Lord No
The Right Reverend Rt Revd No
The Right Reverend Abbot Rt Revd Ab No
The Right Reverend Doctor Rt Revd Dr No
The Right Reverend Professor Rt Revd Prof No
The Venerable Ven No
The Very Most Reverend HE No
The Very Reverend Very Revd No
The Very Reverend Archimandrite Very Revd No
The Very Reverend Archpriest Very Revd No
The Very Reverend Canon Very Revd Cn No
The Very Reverend Protopriest Very Revd No
Vice Admiral VAdm No
Viscount Vic No
Viscountess Vicss No
Warrant Officer WO No
Wing Commander Wg Cdr No

Updated: 27 February 2022