Localisation Resource: BaileyWeb.University.Modules

The Localisation Resource named Modules stores text strings for related functions.

Files and Languages

The following files are supplied with the University Package:

  • ~/App_GlobalResources/BaileyWeb/University/Modules/Modules.resx (English)
  • ~/App_GlobalResources/BaileyWeb/University/Modules/Modules.fr.resx (French - machine translated)

Function Markup

For XSLT, use:

<lang:string key="Resource, Resources.Modules.[KEY]" />

For .NET Razor, use:


For C#, use:


Text Strings

Key: Value (EN): Value (FR):
DataCreditPoints points points
DataCredits Credits: Crédits:
DataFor for pour
DetailsApply Apply! Appliquer!
DetailsAssessmentMethods Assessment Methods Méthodes d'évaluation
DetailsCreditPoints points points
DetailsCredits Credits: Crédits:
DetailsDescendants Descendants: Descendance:
DetailsEntryProfile Entry profile: Profil d'entrée:
DetailsHandbook Handbook: Manuel:
DetailsHowMuch How Much Will it Cost? Combien Cela va-t-il Coûter?
DetailsKeyFacts Key Facts Faits Marquants
DetailsLearningOutcomes Learning Outcomes Résultats d'apprentissage
DetailsLearnMore Learn More Apprendre Encore Plus
DetailsLocations Locations: Emplacements:
DetailsModule Module: Module:
DetailsModuleCode Module code: Code de module:
DetailsModuleDependencies Dependencies: Dépendances:
DetailsModuleDetail Module Detail Détail du Module
DetailsModuleHandbook Module handbook: Manuel de module:
DetailsModuleLevel Module level: Niveau module:
DetailsModuleType Module type: Type de module:
DetailsNoDescendants There are no descendants. Il n'y a pas de descendants
DetailsReadingResources Reading Resources Ressources de lecture
DetailsSubjectsIncludingModule Subjects Including This Module Sujets incluant ce module
DetailsTaughtBy Taught by: Enseigné par:
DetailsTeachingMethods Teaching Methods Méthodes d'enseignement
DetailsThisModuleCanBeStudied This module can be studied as part of these subjects: Ce module peut être étudié dans le cadre de ces sujets:
FormAcademicDepartment Academic department: Academic department:
FormAllAcademicDepartments All academic departments Tous les départements académiques
FormAllModuleLevels All module levels Tous les niveaux de module
FormAllModuleTypes All module types Tous les types de modules
FormFilterByAcademicDepartment Filter by academic department: Filtrer par département académique:
FormLevel Level: Niveau:
FormModuleCode Module code Code du module
FormModuleLevel Module level Niveau module
FormModuleTitle Module title Titre du module
FormModuleType Module type Module type
FormSearchByModuleInformation Search by module information: Recherche par information de module:
FormType Type: Type:
PaginatedCreditPoints points points
PaginatedCredits Credits: Crédits:
PaginatedItems Items Articles
ResultsCreditPoints points points
ResultsCredits Credits: Crédits:
ResultsFor For Pour

Updated: 16 March 2021