CMS Add-on Packages

Dependencies for the University Package are as follows:

Recommended installs are:

CSS / JavaScript / JQuery Libraries

The University Package uses the following libraries:

  • Bootstrap v3.3.7 is used for page layout (licensed under the MIT license and is copyright 2016 Twitter)
  • Bootstrap Tab Collapse converts tabs to accordions on small-screen devices (licensed under the MIT license)
  • JQuery v3.1.0 and JQuery UI v1.12.0 provides interactive features (licensed under the MIT license)
  • Leaflet v1.6.0 is used for interactive maps (licensed under a BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" license)
  • pagePiling.js is used for single-page scrolling interfaces (licensed under the MIT license)
  • Tablesorter v2.0.3 re-orders table rows by column values (licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses)

Updated: 06 February 2022