XSLT Function: BaileyWeb.University.Modules.ShowModuleListPaginated

The XSLT Function named ShowModuleListPaginated produces a paginated list of modules.


The following files are supplied with the University Package:

  • ~/App_Data/Xslt/BaileyWeb/University/Modules/ShowModuleListPaginated.cshtml


There are 3 parameters:

Parameter: Label: Help: Type: Default: Widget:
Items Items to display How many modules should be displayed per page? Integer 10 Text Box
Introduction Introduction Introductory text to precede list of modules. XHTML Visual XHTML Editor
Supplementary Supplementary Supplementary text to follow list of modules. XHTML Visual XHTML Editor

Function Markup

None. OR


Sub Functions

None. OR

This function relies upon the following sub functions for data:

  • BaileyWeb.University.NAMESPACE OR

When routed data isn't TYPE.IsItem:

  • BaileyWeb.University.NAMESPACE

When routed data is TYPE.IsItem:

  • BaileyWeb.University.NAMESPACE

Text Strings

None. OR

This function uses the following localisation resources:

  • BaileyWeb.University.NAMESPACE

Sample Output Code [OPTIONAL]


Actual Output [OPTIONAL]


Updated: 27 February 2022