Global Datatype: BaileyWeb.Honorifics

The Global Datatype named BaileyWeb.Honorifics, displayed as Honorifics, is used to store a list of honorific titles. Please refer to the Data Model page for information about its relation to other datatypes.

Data Structure

Field: Label: Help: Type: Default: Optional? Widget: Validation: Order: Group:
Honorific Honorific* A title that conveys esteem or respect when used in addressing or referring to a person. Sometimes, the term "honorific" is used in a more specific sense to refer to an honorary academic title. String (128) No Text Box None Ascending1
Abbreviation Abbreviation The short form of the honorific. String (32) Yes Text Box None
Display Display? Display this honorific on the website (Tick for yes)? Boolean True N/A Check Box None


  • Has caching? No
  • Has publishing? No
  • Localised? No
  • Data URL: ~/honorific({Id})


This datatype is already populated with a list of honorific titles.

Due to its usefulness, this datatype is available as a stand-alone download.

Updated: 16 March 2021